Distributor Agreement Template

Written compilation of terms and conditions under which a distributor will sell or distribute goods or services to retailers or end users provided by the supplier can be known as distributor agreement. It is easy to draft with distributor agreement template in order to prevent mistakes. These agreements are widely used to stipulate duties and responsibilities of parties where one is providing goods or products to other for resale purpose. A single mistake in the agreement can cause an abnormal loss or issue between parties so distributor agreement template must be there to complete one carefully.

This agreement may specify details like names & contact details of parties, description of products or services to be distributed, particular territory where distributor can sell products, percentage of commission for distributor on sales and payment terms etc. A good agreement always prepared with a clause providing details on how the distribution-ship can be terminated if required. Blank word formats and templates are accessible on internet that we can use to write such agreements and editable distributor agreement templates are also added in this post.

To deal with the relations related to distributor you must be very much careful. There are many sensitive issues which must be dealt well to make a good relationship with your distributors. A good way to do is to make and manage a distributor agreement. This is the reason that we have added a distributor agreement template here free of cost. This will give you a real life example in this regard so that you can get started with your efforts for it. You can make it perfect for you by making some necessary changes.

Here is a preview of this distributor agreement template.

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Distributor Agreement Template
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