Invoice Receipt Template

Here is sample invoice receipt template for your download. Do you know what an invoice receipt is? This is also a payment receipt as it is given to the customer when they make a payment. But there are some differences to be considered between the invoice and the sales receipt. The main feature of the invoice receipt is that it is given to the customer when they make a part payment. Therefore it makes it clear that the customer do not pay full amount. Even when the customer uses multiple means of paying the total amount, such as, he pays partly cash and partly with the use of debit and credit cards then the invoice are given to the customer. This is the main difference between the sales receipt and the invoice. In the invoice also the details such as the date of payment, the amount paid and the name of the giver and the receiver are mentioned so that all the information would be handy. You can download a free and editable invoice receipt template from here.

Receipts are very much important for the matter of documentation. You must have a good record of all receiving things whether its cash or product on your end. A receipt is very good record in black and white which you can use as a proof or evidence. This is the reason that we have added here so many different receipt templates to help you in this regard. These receipt templates will help you a lot in getting started and making your own very specific receipt.  You are more than welcome to bring in necessary changes in these templates after downloading to make it them more customized and as per your needs and requirement. We do hope that you will like it.

Here is the link to download this invoice receipt template.


Invoice Receipt Template
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