6 Free Sales Receipt Templates

This is the place where you can find sales receipt template free of cost. This is one of the critical documents for keeping accounts. This is also essential for the customer as it is a record of the purchase made from the store. In this sales receipt the date of the purchase and the other particulars of the item are mentioned. It consists of the name of the item, the quantity of the item and the price of the item. Therefore in every sales receipt the total units of sales can be obtained. Moreover, the price of each item the total amount received from the customer and the details of any discounts would also be recorded. It is easier to keep the record of total sales with the help of the sales record. The customer can further bring the receipt with them in case they want to make any returns or exchanges too as it would provide the store with the details instantly that the item belongs to their store.

Receipts are very much important for the matter of documentation. You must have good record of all receiving things whether its cash or product on your end. A receipt is very good record in black and white which you can use as a proof or evidence. This is the reason that we have added here so many different receipt templates to help you in this regard. These receipt templates will help you a lot in getting started and making your own very specific receipt.  You are more than welcome to bring in necessary changes in these templates after downloading to make it them more customized and as per your needs and requirement. We do hope that you will like it.

More about Sales Receipt Template:

Receipt is a simple document it is very important document which is prepared in business organizations, firms or companies that is involved in selling products or services. This receipt is given seller to the buyer as evidence after receiving payment. Sales receipt contains important information about seller and buyer. Main content used in this sales receipt like seller and recipient name, product name, amount, date and time of payment include in this receipt. This sales receipt template is prepared in our professional way. We offer you our well designed sales template which is prepared according to your need. Underneath you see beautiful image of our chosen sale receipt template. You can easily edit this template because it has been drafted in Microsoft word. This template is available of our website free of any cost. Below this image we provided you download button for downloading this template. You can download this template without any charges for your own use.

Download Free Sales Receipt Template:

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Printable Sales Receipt

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Sales Receipt Example in Word

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Blank Sales Receipt Template

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Company Sales Receipt Template

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Sales Receipt in Excel with Formulas

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6 Free Sales Receipt Templates
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