Consignment Agreement Template

If you are producing products yourself and want another person to sell those products to end consumers on your behalf, you are advised to prepare and sign consignment agreement to hire the sales person for this job. In this process, you send your products or goods to the other person for the purpose of selling and the sales person earns handsome percentage of commission on each sale. A sample Consignment Agreement Template is added here so that you can get help in making your own agreement very quickly. Purpose of the template is to make you aware about basic elements of the agreement and its overall structure.

A well drafted consignment agreement establishes terms and conditions of the agreement between both parties where one is agree to sell products or goods of the other one. It usually highlights details like particular territory where sales can be made, commission structure for sales, payment process, what the owner will do if there are no sales and other terms. If you are about to hire a consignee for sales of your goods then remember to write and sign the consignment agreement and feel free to use the consignment agreement template if any help required.

Consignment agreement template is added below the text and will give you a real life example and you will get to know what to do and what not to do about writing an agreement for consignment. This will help you a lot and you can see by yourself what is needed for you and what is not. Download this template, open it in suggested software, make required changes in it and print it out to use for your specific purpose.

Here is a preview of this consignment agreement template.

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Consignment Agreement Template
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