Service Agreement Template

An agreement outlining terms and conditions of the deal or transaction between services providing company and client is named as services agreement and use of service agreement template is the suggested way to draft it accordingly. Such agreements are prepared for variety of services that we use in day to day life or in business settings. For example, if you need AC repair services from an individual services provider or company then you must enter into the agreement with the service provider to get the work done rightly. Having this agreement at place will ensure that the services provider is fairly aware about what type of services the customer need. On another hand, client will also know through the document that what amount of money need to be paid in return of ordered services. There is a free service agreement template with editable elements and very easy to use in word.

If you are providing service to any company or individual then make sure that you have a good service agreement signed by them. This agreement will decide what to do in case if you people get some problems across the way. A good written and complete service agreement will save you from a lot of troubles and problems in future. This is why we are adding here a service agreement template which we think might be useful for you as you will get a little know-how about this type of agreement. Download this agreement and then read it carefully and then see what is suitable for you and what is not. Take your time and then make required changes in the template according to your personal interests.

Here is a preview of this service agreement template.

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Service Agreement Template
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