Joint Venture Agreement Template

When two or more parties join hands to fulfill certain task or project then they are said to be on some joint venture. It’s equally beneficial for the both parties as they get the best of both world by working together. A legal document that establishes basic terms and conditions for joint venture is joint venture agreement and it can be done simply via joint venture agreement template. Entering into this type of agreement is the best option for two or more entities or individuals to kick start a temporary business activity or relationship to chase common goals and objectives by combining their resources and efforts. Contents of the agreement may include names & details of parties, how they will put their assets or resources together for common goals, profit & lose sharing ratio and a clause defining terms under which the agreement may be terminated according to consent of parties etc. Joint venture agreement template is the best way to make this agreement spotless and error free.

One company may be stronger in side and other company may be good in another one and when they work together then it becomes an excellent partnership and they complete task more efficiently. But these types of partnership also creates confusions among the parties and it may lead to problems among the parties. To deal with it effectively you must get signed a joint venture agreement before the start of this venture. This is the reason that we have added a joint venture agreement template here for this purpose hope you will like it. In blank fields of the template, you can fluently add up your details and other information to give the agreement a final shape ready to print.

Here is a preview of first page of this joint venture agreement template.

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