Franchise Agreement Template

Its a very good way to start new business that you get the rights for a franchise. You pay some royalty to the big company and they authorize you to use their brand name. Its very time taking method to make a new brand. Years of struggle is required for making good brand name and by using franchise you save a lot of time and get your business established in very short period of time. This is the reason that we have added a franchise agreement template for your reference and guidance. We hope that this franchise agreement is useful for you.

When a large business or company grants the other party rights to use its system, business processes or trade mark to generate profit it is called franchise business. Franchise agreement is used to set forth terms and conditions for this type of business activity and it can be made via franchise agreement template. By signing this agreement, the franchisor (large business or company) allows the franchisee to use its brand, operating system, resources and products to start a new business in specific territory. The franchisor will get a percentage of income generated by the new branch or agreed sum of money each month.

Singing the franchise agreement is the best way to start a new business under trademark of an existing big company. Parties must read the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully before signing and franchise agreement template can help you to compose the agreement cautiously. Go below the bottom of page and find free franchise agreement template word to download in your computer or laptop.

Here is a preview of title page of this franchise agreement template.

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Franchise Agreement Template
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