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Now you can make taxi receipts for all your customers easily with help of taxi receipt template. We all travel daily from one place to another due to many reasons and taxi drivers give us a document as payment proof which is named as taxi receipt. You will find this Taxi Receipt Template very useful.  In business field, receipt is known as a document prepared and issued by a service provider, seller or vendor to the customer after getting payment for the goods or services provided. Similarly taxi receipts are prepared and issued by taxi drivers to passengers when they leave taxi after paying rent or fare. Taxi receipts can be useful for taxi driver and for customer as well. For instance, taxi driver can save a copy of taxi receipt as written record of taxi trips in a day or in particular period of time. on other hand, customer can use taxi receipt to get taxi expense back from the company or business. You can call this cab receipt template as well.

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As a taxi driver you must present your customers with good looking and detailed taxi receipts because it shows your professionalism. Taxi receipts can be generated via receipt book but if you want to make computerized and professional looking taxi receipts, it is good for you to carry printed taxi receipts with you because carrying a laptop and printer in taxi can be impossible for you to generate taxi receipts at the time. Underneath the page you can find a free taxi receipt template produced in Microsoft excel that you can use for free to generate and print taxi receipt from home. Once the taxi receipt template is saved in your computer or laptop, you can make countless taxi receipts from it by editing its details. You will be able to utilize the template for several times after its successful downloading into your computer or laptop.

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Taxi Receipt Template


Taxi Receipt