Consulting Agreement Template

Consultant is a professional person that gives useful advises and suggestions to its clients to resolve their personal or business related issues. A consultant generally uses a legal document to record the transaction or deal with the client and that is named as consulting agreement. A properly worded consulting agreement depicts that what type of the consulting services the consultant will provide to customer, what amount of money the client will pay and what the payment method will be etc. It is a legally enforceable document that can be used to settle future misunderstanding between parties so one must get advantage from consulting agreement template to compose a good one.

Whether you are providing services to clients as consultant or going to avail services of the consultant, you must sign the agreement of consultancy in order to protect your rights legally. It has equal great benefits for both consultants and clients as it is enforceable by law if any party is not following the terms and conditions of the agreement. This webpage has free consulting agreement templates created in Microsoft word program.

Here is a useful consulting agreement template available free of cost for you. This template is based on some real life consulting agreement example and of real professional quality. This includes all the basic and must to have information about this type of agreement and you will not have to start from scratch. Download this template and see what you can to add more value in it.  This template is prepared in Microsoft word format and you can edit it easily and will be able to make your agreement very soon.

Here is a preview of this consulting agreement template.

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Consulting Agreement Template
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