5+ Free Loan Agreement Templates

This free Loan Agreement Template is available for download. Loan agreement is prepared by the person before getting the loan in company as well as banks. Loan agreement is done between two companies and all the terms and conditions related to the loan written in this agreement. Loan agreement is signed between lender and Borrower. The Read More

Consignment Agreement Template

A sample Consignment Agreement Template is added here so that you can get help in making your own agreement very quickly. This will give you a real life example and you will get to know what to do and what not to do about it. This will help you a lot and you can see by Read More

Friendship Card Template

This is the page to download Friendship Card Template. Friendship is the most precious thing in this world. A friend is a person who accepts you along with your all good and bad habits and promises you to stand with you in happy and crucial times. In simple words, friend is another name of care, Read More

Name Badge Card Template

Get this Name Badge Card Template directly from here. You can find Name Badge Card Template at bottom of post. Name badge card is an instrument used to indicate name, position and other details of wearer. It is a sticker or card worn on the outermost clothing that shows the rank or membership in an organization. Read More

Affidavit Template Form in Word

Writing an affidavit in Microsoft word from scratch can be time consuming so consider use of the affidavit template in word and save your time as well as make the affidavit spotless. A written statement prepared or written by a party or witness to present in court of law is known as affidavit. A well Read More

Visiting Card Template

visiting card is a simple card which contain the complete detail of person his name,business address,contact number as well as company name etc. This card is mostly used in professional work. Visiting card are very meaningful for a person to meet and find some other business person. All necessary information are mention in this visiting card. We offer you our selected and Read More

8 Free Business Card Templates

We have added Business Card Template in our collection of free card templates. This Business Card Template will help you making professional level business cards for yourself. There are many different means to promote or market a business in this age of technology but use of business cards is still most effective for this purpose. Read More

Thank You Card Template

You can get Thank You Card Template here. This Thank You Card Template will help you making beautiful thank you card. Sending a thank you letter to someone is a beautiful gesture to show your gratitude and thankfulness in return of any sort of help, aid or favor. Even you can send a simple handwritten Read More

5 Free Lease Agreement Templates

If you are looking for Lease Agreement Template then this Template is for you. Lease is necessary for you when you are not in capacity to purchase something at once because of sponsorship issues.At that time its best to get things on lease and paying money in parts. The company or person who will provide Read More

Service Level Agreement Template

Service level  must be defined well before you offer any service to anyone. What is covered in the service and what is not? To what extent this service can be increased must be discussed well in your agreement about service level agreement. A good example of it is provided here in the form of service Read More

Taxi Receipt Templates

Now you can make taxi receipts for all your customers easily with help of taxi receipt template. We all travel daily from one place to another due to many reasons and taxi drivers give us a document as payment proof which is named as taxi receipt. You will find this Taxi Receipt Template very useful. Read More

4+ Free Wanted Poster Templates

You can get free Wanted Poster Template is added here on the request of people. This free Wanted Poster Template can be edited in the Microsoft software. Wanted poster is a best way to find criminals or culprits. This poster is prepared by any police department for capturing the criminals it is used to find Read More

Standard Operating Procedure Template

writing SOP for your company or department without using a proper format or layout can be time consuming and confusing as well. So, download and make use of the SOP template and make the process of writing SOP calmer and cooler ever. SOP is short form of standard operating procedures, a document prepared by the Read More

Client Information Sheet Template

Organizing client information and data can be the vital job when running a business or company and client information sheet template is handful tool in this regard. This client information sheet template has been prepared by our team of professionals to aid business persons and companies when collecting and maintaining client information to create strong Read More

Free Memo Templates Word and Excel

A memo can be described as a short message sent from one person to another within a company, business or organization. Memo Templates are very much important for everyone. Memo template in excel or word formats are frequently used by professionals.  Memo is common and well known mod of communication within a same organization. Memos Read More

Cash Request Slip Template

An easily customizable cash request slip template is provided here for free to download and print quickly in order to make personalized cash request slips for your business establishment or company. Filling out a cash request slip is a professional way to make request for cash to manage various cash related transactions and deals on Read More

Free Christmas card templates

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year and people from most of countries and states enjoy holiday on Christmas day. Christmas day brings lots of happiness, joy and excitement for people of all ages. People send Christmas gifts and Christmas cards to family members, friends and other especial persons in order Read More

6 Free Commercial Lease Agreement Templates

As we have discussed in lease agreement template post that you need to have a lease agreement for your company or service.When you get money in parts or pay in parts then there are lot of reasons for confusions and conflicts. You will have to create and manage  this type of agreement  for sure and Read More

Employment Agreement Template

To cover your employment issues and problems you need to have a good employment agreement. This agreement will decide in case if you found any problem in your way to employment career. A free employment agreement template is added here so that you can get help in this regard. This sample employment agreement tells you Read More

Note Card Template

Best Note Card Template is available for download. This Note Card Template will give you necessary details to make your own card. Note card is a kind of blank document prepared in a well designed format along with blank space that can be used for various purposes. In schools, students use note cards to write Read More